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State Appointments

Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance (MOVA)

Established in 1984, MOVA is an independent state agency providing emergency services, referrals and advocacy for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, homicide, child abuse, drunk driving and other crimes. Governor Charlie Baker appointed District Attorney Gulluni to MOVA, through which he works closely with Attorney General Martha Coakley, who chairs the agency, and the Victim and Witness Assistance Board (VWAB), which governs it. District Attorney Gulluni plays a key role in setting MOVA policy and managing regional operations, working to ensure prompt, appropriate and thorough assistance for victims. Having helped identify specially trained and certified advocates for placement in Hampden County District Court, he oversees coordination and delivery of their services. In April of 2018, MOVA opened a location in Northampton, expanding beyond the agency’s Boston headquarters for the first time in its 34-year history.

Governor’s Task Force on Hate Crimes

Governor Baker appointed District Attorney Gulluni to the Governor’s Task Force on Hate Crimes when he reestablished it in 2017. The task force advises the governor on issues relating to the prevalence, deterrence and prevention of hate crimes in the Commonwealth and the support of victims of hate crimes. The task force is charged with:
  • Promoting full and effective coordination among law enforcement agencies to improve prevention, investigation and prosecution of hate crimes
  • Encouraging and assisting agencies in safe reporting of hate crimes pursuant to the Hate Crimes Reporting Act
  • Analyzing and publicizing hate crime reports pursuant to the Hate Crime Penalties Act
  • Developing best practices relating to technical assistance for school districts that may seek to incorporate hate crime education into their curricula