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Protecting the Vulnerable

Western Mass Human Trafficking Task Force

A collaboration of local, state and federal law enforcement partners is working on a new approach to pursuing and prosecuting human trafficking cases based on an understanding that some of those who are traditionally prosecuted for prostitution are victims of force, threat and coercion. Human trafficking cases often involve complex criminal systems and layers of organization. A confluence of factors including the ongoing addiction crisis and mental health issues contribute to this exploitation.

Campus Safety Symposium

A one day conference sponsored by Hampden County District Attorney Anthony Gulluni on campus safety. The keynote speaker for the day was a nationally recognized forensic consultant who appeared in the documentary The Hunting Ground. The speaker is a trainer and lecturer on interpersonal violence who has helped guide rape prevention and response policies, consulting widely with colleges and universities, as well as the U.S. Military and others. The conference focused on a multidisciplinary team approach to the investigation of sexual assault and domestic violence complaints and a review and update of applicable laws and the legal issues frequently occurring in these investigations, such as confidentiality, privilege, consent, and the legal and medical ramifications of voluntary intoxication for both the victim and alleged perpetrator.

Elders and Persons with Disabilities

The event, “Protect, Report and Preserve: Fighting for Elders and Persons with Disabilities” was designed to equip service providers and care workers for elders and persons with disabilities to learn best practices for the recognition and reporting of abuse. Part of the training focused on educating those gathered on warning signs of abuse.

How Can You Not Remember?

Understanding a Victim’s Response to Violence: Hampden District Attorney Anthony Gulluni sponsored a free training for members of the law enforcement community to highlight a trauma informed approach to interviewing victims of sexual assault. The training featured a nationally recognized prosecutor and detective from Utah who have created a Trauma Informed Victim Interview Protocol for adult victims of sexual assault based on the principles of the neurobiology of trauma.

Teen Dating Violence Awareness

Hampden County District Attorney Anthony Gulluni’s Task Force on Domestic Violence sponsored an event to raise awareness on teen dating violence. The event included a presentation by a father who lost his teenaged daughter to teen dating violence.

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

The conference, sponsored by the Hampden County District Attorney’s Office, was designed for health care, mental health, law enforcement and school professionals. It intended to provide the audience with tools and skills in recognizing and accessing the necessary resources in the aid of children suspected to be victims of exploitation. The conference comes at a time when law enforcement at both the national, state and local levels is implementing new and inventive strategies to combat human trafficking.