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Smart & Aggressive Prosecutions

The fundamental duties of the district attorney’s office as the chief law enforcement agency in the county is the prosecution of criminal cases and the pursuit of justice for the victims of these crimes.

Specialized Prosecution Units

Under District Attorney Gulluni’s administration, the Hampden County DA’s Office has been reorganized into “specialty units”. The creation of theses units allows for Superior Court assistant district attorneys to become specialists in the areas they are assigned. Additionally, it allows the Hampden County District Attorney’s Office to effectively and thoroughly prosecute the most serious cases in the county.
  • Units
  • Murder & Major Felonies
  • Drug and Gun
  • Special Victims
  • Motor Vehicle Homicide
  • Crimes Against Persons & Property
  • Elders and Disabled Persons
  • Appellate Units

High Impact Players Strike Force

A collaboration of local, state and federal agencies which seek to intercept, disrupt, arrest and prosecute violent and repeat offenders who plague our streets and hold neighborhoods hostage through their illicit and at times, violent activities.

DNA Phenotyping Technology

The Hampden District Attorney’s Office was the first in the state to utilize cutting-edge DNA phenotyping technology to provide law enforcement with the ability to generate leads and narrow down suspect lists. Phenotyping is a process of predicting physical appearance and ancestry from DNA evidence. With this technology, it is possible to produce a composite sketch of a suspect who has been previously unknown to law enforcement.